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Brash Higgins

Brash Higgins Ripple

Brash Higgins Ripple

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Intriguingly deep and mouthwarteringly juicy red blend of Nero d'Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Why you'll love me

Translucent garnet hue with a nose redolent of blueberries and candied wild strawberries with a touch of fresh mint, or, as wine scribe Ned Goodwin MW puts it, the “verdant echo”. On the palate bright and juicy with powdery red fruits and enough tannin and acidity to pull and keep it all taut.

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Made from freshly picked, whole bunch Nero d’Avola grapes which were engulfed with direct pressed Cabernet Sauvignon. All the Cab juice covered the Nero grapes and their stems, submerging the clusters completely. The idea is that the sugar in the Nero berries, starved of oxygen, will ferment inside their little berry bodies and create a lighter, slightly confectionary flavour profile. All the fruit for the ensuing wine was handpicked off the organic Omensetter Estate Vineyard.

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