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Mount Zero

Mount Zero Chilli Salt with Glass Grinder

Mount Zero Chilli Salt with Glass Grinder

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Add a zing to your favourite dish!
Pure, natural salt from the Pink Lake in Western Victoria mixed with spicy, aromatic chilli flakes.


Why you'll love me

Made with natural salt crystals wild harvested in a collaboration of respect, Mount Zero and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, representing the Wimmera's traditional land owners, hand harvest a small amount of salt from the lake each year. Complemented with three varieties of Australian chillies to create a vibrant salt that looks good in the refillable glass grinder and tastes even better!

Grind it on prawns or meats; spice up your pizzas or chips; add it to lime juice to make a dipping sauce or marinade with a kick!

Packaging art by Aunty Nancy Harrison who is a Wotjobaluk Elder; Her painting is titled ‘Bush Tukka’ and shows two fish and a turtle and it relates to the huge importance of the Wimmera River and the wetland systems; Fed by natural aquifers, Pink Lake is an intrinsic part of this ecology

Glass grinder with ceramic mechanism included.

Tell me more

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. A commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that they gather and produce.

Made in Australia.

100% Pink Lake Natural Salt (95%), Chilli.

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