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Syrahmi Demi Shiraz

Syrahmi Demi Shiraz

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A stunning wine with a peppery kick and a bouquet of fruits that will keep you coming back for more.


Why you'll love me

Demi by Syrahmi is a blend of three vineyards from the Heathcote region. Kennedy’s, Carl Brown, and Cavalry all make up the blend with a typical high percentage of whole bunch (+60%). Wild yeast fermentation and malolactic fermentation. Open fermenter, foot & hand plunging with minimal pump overs. Matured in new and seasoned French oak for 12 months and a further 3 months in stainless steel before bottling.

Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts, it strikes the ideal balance with nothing overdone or underwhelming. Expect a delightful edge of pepper and a bouquet of fruits that will leave you wanting more.

Tell me more

Syrahmi began in 2004 when Adam Foster gave up his day job as a Chef to pursue his dream of becoming a wine maker. He purchased his first tonne and a half of grapes from Heathcote winery and the dream was born.

The name Syrahmi is a made up from “Syrah” the French word for Shiraz and “Ami” meaning friend. The idea being a “friendly Shiraz” or “A friend of Shiraz”.

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