Build it and they will come.

Renovating a 135 year old building and creating a business from scratch sure has been a rollercoaster! Have you seen the highlight reel? 😵‍💫

After a year of work we're five months behind schedule, have run out of money, and blown through our contingency funds 😅. So, we're launching a crowdfunding campaign and calling on the support of our incredible community.

This is your chance to pre-purchase experiences and merch from Gemini before we swing open the doors. Your support now means we can finish the building project and get to the fun bit - hosting you for a glass of vino or coffee!

Our goal is to generate around $50k of pre-paid income to supplement the additional $150k we're adding to our mortgage.

We'll be dropping limited release experiences, products and perks over the month so check back regularly (or sign up to our mailing list to get first access!)

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The Nitty Gritty

Why are you over budget? Did you just not plan properly?

We always knew that renovating a 135-year-old building and opening a new business would take a lot of cash. That's why we sold our beloved family home, sold another business and tripled our debt (ouch!).

We even had a generous contingency budget because we've watched enough episodes of Grand Designs to know there are two truths when it comes to ambitious renovations:
One, that the budget always ALWAYS blows out.
Two, that it all seems achievable when you have Kevin McCloud narrating your story.

What we hadn't anticipated was the cost of everything related to building works going up by 25 - 100%, interest rates starting to rise straight after we first signed the building contract, considerable delays with council permits, our lead building designer having a bust up with his business partner leaving us holding all the pieces together (not to mention the errors and flow on costs), eleven months of negotiation with Jemena to get our power upgraded (and the $50k+ in costs associated with that), and endless months (and about $80k) in red-tape and compliance paperwork to enable us to use the building for a bar.

It's been the perfect storm of money woes but we are as motivated as ever to create a place for our community and think money shouldn't be the thing the stops us.

What are you using the money for?

We need to pay a few final big bills such as: electricity upgrade, cooking equipment, final compliance checks, fridges, heating/cooling systems, roof replacement, installation of solar hot water, plus (the fun bit) we need to start hiring staff, stock the fridges and make sure the kitchen is ready to to make great things for you to eat.

Oh, and we need to throw a little party to thank all our amazing tradies, volunteers and of course those of you who score a ticket to our opening party!

How does the membership work?

There are lots of perks when it comes to being a Friend of Gemini.


Enjoy a 5% discount on everything for a minimum of 12 months!

We will only be able to provide you with membership discount if you:

  • show your keyring in person or
  • use your code for online purchases.

Please use your keyring and code in the spirit in which it is given to you and don't share it around.

Your 12 month online discount will be valid from the moment you purchase, with your in-person twelve month discount beginning on our first day of trade.


We will add your purchasing email address to a special group in our snazzy email software system. We'll use this method to let you know (first!) about any upcoming events, promotions, and also the release of new crowdfunding experiences.

Can I share the membership with my household?

If you're dining in with your family then yes, you can use the keyring for a table discount.

We can't do split bills in this case.

What if I change my mind?

We can't offer exchanges or refunds on crowdfunding items (unless the physical product is faulty, in which case please get in touch).

We're all about mindful spending and considered purchases. Please only make a purchase if you really do see the value in the item, or know you will use the experience.

When will I get my product/voucher?

Items may have differing delivery details. Please check the product listing for specifics on timing and delivery method.

What's the situation with shipping?

Some items will be physically shipped, free of charge, to any Australian address.

We specify this on the item listing directly along with any notes about timing if they won't be shipped immediately.