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2022 Bobar Jimmy

2022 Bobar Jimmy

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A lively mid-weight blend that captivates with generous and juicy flavour.


Why you'll love me

This particular blend combines the remarkable Cabernet Sauvignon (65%) from Blackwood Hill in Steels Creek and the captivating Shiraz (35%) from Seville Estate. It is an aromatic, vibrant, medium-bodied wine that offers a refreshing experience. Expect delightful flavours of raspberry, currant, plum, spices, and herbal notes, creating a cool and juicy sensation.

Tell me more

Tom and Sally Belford crossed paths during their viticulture studies in the late '90s and connected over their their desire to create wine without conventional practices. In 2010, they founded Bobar to escape the drawbacks of winemaking in their region.

Taking immense pride in presenting this exceptional Yarra Valley red wine, they have gained the freedom to explore new grape parcels and innovate in their winemaking process.

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