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Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo

Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo

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A bomb diggity aperitivo made the Delinquente way!


Why you'll love me

Made with biodynamic skin contact Vermentino, juicy organic Riverland oranges and lemons, and a secret all-natural blend of exotic fruits, herbs and botanicals. Perfectly balanced, it’s not as sweet than Aperol and not as bitter as Campari. Don't settle for the same ol’ aperitivo. Create your own extraordinary sips — pour it into pet nat for a delightful spritz, mix it with local gin and vermouth for an-all Aussie negroni, or just pour on the rocks and savour slowly!

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Produced by Delinquente Wines, Bizzarro is the winery’s take on an all natural, Australian bitter aperitivo, made in their own Delinquente way – scant regard for tradition, all about deliciousness.

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