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Bodriggy Brewing

Bodriggy Lager

Bodriggy Lager

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Cheers to your new tradition!


Why you'll love me

Introducing Bodriggy’s latest: a clean, crisp, and bright everyday sipper. This brew is just like a midday movie break — refreshing, enjoyable, and leaves you wanting more. With its clean taste, it's the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a warm day and keep you going until your next sip. So crack open a cold one and let this lager be your new go-to.

Tell me more

Step into the heart of Abbotsford with Bodriggy. Born and raised in the area, the name is inspired by the original stone mason façade and embodies the unique Australian lingo of the community. They are a local, community-driven brewery, dedicated to bringing the best of Abbotsford to your taste buds. Their love for the arts and music scene is reflected in their involvement, as they sponsor events, gigs, and exhibitions in Melbourne's inner north. Taste the essence of Abbotsford with every sip of Bodriggy beer.

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