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Jauma Origins Arneis

Jauma Origins Arneis

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A mesmerizing skin contact wine, bright, fruity and delightfully balanced with rich textures.


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Marmalade orange, candied fruits, pears, rich textural pallet with sweet fruits and subtle, mouthwatering tannins.

Peter’s Creek, farmed organically by Dave Gartelman, vineyard owned by Jim Zerella.

VINES- 280m elevation, 25 year old vines on a north-east facing slope. The soil is red clay interspersed with degraded sandstone.

WINEMAKING- Carbonic maceration for 2 weeks then pressed to tank for 10 months.

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All Jauma Wines are Living Wines, made with zero additions or filtration, and bottled under crown seal for perfect freshness and stability.

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