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Superbon Piments Peppers Chips

Superbon Piments Peppers Chips

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Crispy potato slices with a fiery pinch of paprika and a kick of red pepper!


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Why you'll love me

Crafted in La Chueca (the crisp capital of the world), Superbon's chips are thinly sliced and impossibly crispy, with an unbeatable potato flavour boosted by perfect seasonings. Cayenne pepper and sweet, smokey paprika flavour these deliciously morish crisps.

All natural and preservative free. Superbon is dedicated to simplicity, sustainability, and superior taste.

Each bag is beautifully designed by artist Greg Ewing.

Tell me more

What happens when a renowned French chef discovers Spanish potatoes? SUPERBON. With restaurants in the Michelin guide, Phillippe Emanuelli knows good food. When he discovered the unique Spanish variety of potato that fuels Madrid’s incredible crisp culture, he decided he simply had to make crisps. Phillippe concocted some special recipes with just a few natural ingredients, and VOILA!

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