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Tsuboto Pearl

Tsuboto Pearl Black Gold Lighter

Tsuboto Pearl Black Gold Lighter

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Made in Japan since 1952,  Tsuboto Pearl are the masters of both beautiful and functional lighters. 

Why you'll love me

* Ornamental and functional design to spark joy every day.
* Geometric pattern made using a technique typically used in jewellery making.
* The copper-coloured steel inner peaks through the clear polycarbonate exterior.
* Say goodbye to environmentally unfriendly plastic lighters! Refill your Tsuboto Pearl over and over.
* Lighters come unfilled to be shipped in accordance with postal regulations.
* Handcrafted from beginning to end in Tokyo.

Tell me more

Tsuboto Pearl have been creating original lighter designs since 1952 in Tokyo Japan. One of their core values is creating beautiful pieces for every day use and they blend both function with modern design.
Offering an alternative to plastic lighters (that end up in landfill) or ugly lighting devices, the Tsuboto Pearl Lighters are a beautiful addition to your mantelpiece.
Material: Polycarbonate, Steel and Cotton
Size: 60 x 35 x 15 mm
Petrol Lighter requires the purchase of lighter fluid.
Made in Japan

Purchase Zippo lighter fluid and refill your lighter time and time again.
Follow the instructions that come with your Tsuboto Pearl Lighter for refill, usage and maintenance details. Keep away from tiny hands and paws and do not leave unattended.

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