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Jose Gourmet

Jose Gourmet Spiced Calamari in Ragout

Jose Gourmet Spiced Calamari in Ragout

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Meet your new favourite nosh. Satisfy your cravings with Jose Gourmet’s moreish Calamari in Ragout.


Why you'll love me

An instant way to experience traditional Portuguese calamari. <br> Caught from the depths of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, coated in a savoury tomato sauce, spiced with pepper, bay leaves and clove, and stuffed with rice. Bursting with briny goodness in each umami-filled bite!

Try it straight out of the tin or heated up and served on toast or a bed of rice.

Tell me more

The squids are specially hand-selected to prepare this delicacy offer nutrients making it good not just for the taste buds but also for your well-being!

Portuguese brand José Gourmet focuses on fair trade items while following age-old recipes to create top quality tinned fish and gourmet groceries. Featuring a bold aesthetic in one of our favourite packaging designs, this renowned producer is a mastermind of all things seafood.

Calamari (63%), Vegetable Oil (19%), Onion (8%), Rice (4%), Tomato (4%), Spices (Red Pepper, Cloves, Laurel) (1,5%), Salt

Country of Origin: Portugal
Illustration João Vaz de Carvalho
Text Eugénio Roda
Recipes Luís Baena

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