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Kin Ando Incense Holder

Kin Ando Incense Holder

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Named after the Japanese architect Andō Tadao who is known for his designs that in their form, are very complex, but visually are very simple and calming. This incense holder brings two seemingly opposing concepts together - complexity and simplicity, much like Andō's buildings.

Why you'll love me

* The complexity exists within the making of this piece and results in a simple and inviting object that will bring beauty to your home.
* Thrown on a wheel using two volcanic clays to create the naturally forming marbling effect.
* A small hole is precisely placed in the base at a very specific angle to ensure your incense ash falls just so.
* 100% handmade using precise artistry and care, each piece will differ in glaze variations making for a one-of-a-kind object in your home.
* Designed specifically for Japanese incense.

Tell me more

Material: Stoneware Agate
Colours: Dry Sandy, Brown Outside, Shiny Inside
Texture: Sand
Approximately 9cm in diameter and 2.5cm high.
Individually handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Place your incense into the hole on roughly a 30 degree angle, rather than placing vertically. This will wedge the incense between the sides of the hole, allowing you to burn the majority of the stick.
Keep away from tiny hands and paws and do not leave unattended. The glaze on your holder will change over time when exposed to burning incense.

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