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Kin North

Kin Flame Incense

Kin Flame Incense

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Weaving Japanese incense and French perfumery with the je-ne-sais-quoi of Melbourne. Ignite your senses with this captivating incense made by Kin in collaboration with Tokyo Kodo.

Why you'll love me

* Spark a feeling of curiosity and anticipation while filling your space with luxury fragrance.

* Enjoy the 15 minute burn time in the warmth of evening or any time you desire a sense of excitement and stimulation.

* Blended masterfully by third generation incense maker with notes of Cardamon, Leather, Clove and Orange Peel Garnish.

* An sensual scent. Reminiscent of dark and moody cocktail bars and whispered conversations.

* Imagined in Melbourne | Made in Japan.

* 40 (7cm length) incense sticks with a burn time of 15 minutes each.

Perfect ritual partners with:
* setting the mood
* igniting a new connection
* a romantic evening

Tell me more

Designed in collaboration with Grasse trained perfumer and third generation incense maker, Tokyo Kodo.
Delivered to you in a reusable tin, with a luxurious wrap designed and printed in Melbourne.

Light the incense and place in your chosen incense holder. We recommend a holder made especially for Japanese incense.
Keep away from tiny hands and paws. Never leave incense unattended.

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