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Kin North

Kin Naoshima Incense Holder

Kin Naoshima Incense Holder

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The Naoshima incense holder is a sculptural piece that will bring both function and beauty to your incense rituals. This piece is reminiscent of the ocean lapping against the stony cliffs of Naoshima Island.


Why you'll love me

* An earthy design featuring two volcanic sand-based clays mixed together on the wheel.
* Each holder is unique and features special textural characteristics of the clay.
* Perfectly sized to capture falling ash from shorter-style Japanese incense. 
* Gorgeous sculptural piece for your home when not in use. 
* 100% handmade, with individual character in both the clay and final glaze finish.

Tell me more

Made from Stoneware Agate in a dry sandy texture. Features glaze on the top surface only. 
Approximately 6.5cm in diameter and 5.5cm high.
Individually handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Place your incense into the hole on roughly a 30 degree angle, rather than placing vertically. This will wedge the incense between the sides of the hole, allowing you to burn the majority of the stick. 
Keep away from tiny hands and paws and do not leave unattended. The glaze on your holder will change over time when exposed to burning incense.  

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