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Lantana Gin

Lantana Gin

Lantana Gin

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Made from a weed (no, not that one).  Guaranteed to be the prettiest Gin bottle on your bar.


Why you'll love me

Every part of this Gin has been considered and made with deep intention.

Made from scratch, using biodynamically farmed Queensland Sugar Cane that is crushed and allowed to spontaneously ferment!

Add in some amazing smelling Lantana (considered to be an Australian weed since it was introduced in the 1840's), juniper (of course) and some finger limes and you've got yourself some pretty special tasting gin.

Better still? It's hand bottled into incredible hand screen painted bottles that will look absolutely stunning while on your bar, or filled with water for your table.

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Grown in Queensland, bottled in Melbourne!
47.2% ABV

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