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Saison Aperitifs

Saison Artichoke Amaro

Saison Artichoke Amaro

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This delightful wine-based amaro is packed with layers of raw globe artichoke and wild-picked holy thistle. Infused with lavender, cascara and Meyer lemon to accentuate the complexity. Moscato from north eastern Victoria is used to build body and richness. Bittered, balanced and aged in old pinot oak, promising an unforgettable tasting experience.


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A unique amaro that you'll keep going back to!

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Proudly made in Melbourne by chef-turned-aperitif nerd Dave Verheul.

Saison was conceived from the idea that new Australian vermouth could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient led flavour profiles rather than the traditional heavily spiced and caramel driven palette of many European producers. Dave’s extensive culinary background gives him a unique skill set when it comes to building vibrant layers of flavour, and a fresh set of eyes on how those flavours are presented.

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