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Agave Australis

Silver Agave Spirit

Silver Agave Spirit

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Experience purity in a bottle with Silver Agave Spirit, a testament to the masterful distillation process of Agave Australis.


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Crafted from 100% blue weber agave plants, grown in the rich soils of Tropical North Queensland, Australia. The distillation process captures the pure, sweet essence of the agave, resulting in a smooth and complex spirit that is perfect for sipping neat or mixing in your favourite cocktails. With its bright, floral aromas and flavours of citrus, honey, and spice, it is a true expression of terroir and craftsmanship.

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Estate Grown / Hand Harvested
5 Year Old Agave Tequiliana

Atherton Tablelands 17.1110° S, 145.4131° E

Volcanic Red Soil 800m Above Sea Level

‘ironbark’ Woodfire Pit / Volcanic Stones

Hammer Mill

Wild Yeast / Open Ferment

Double Distilled / 1500l Copper Pot Holstein Still

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