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DC Cartel

The Original 1983 Crispy Chilli Oil

The Original 1983 Crispy Chilli Oil

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Unleash the fiery charm of Nonna’s cooking with DC Cartel’s limited release crispy chilli oil.


Why you'll love me

Crafted from Nonna's 40-year-old recipe, Australia’s only slow-cooked chilli oil is bursting with the flavours of deep-fried shallots and garlic. Tantalizing texture with just the right amount of spice that you’ll want put it on everything from stir-fries to pizzas.

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From the heart of the Adelaide Hills, Nanna Dulcie's love for chilli brought people together like a family, forming Dulcie's Chilli Cartel. Today, her grandsons carry on the legacy with authentic recipes, right here in Melbourne! Taste the nostalgia and connect with a diverse community, all in one fiery bite.

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